What is conflict resolution?

Conflict is a normal part of community interactions. Conflicts happen when we don’t agree with each other about the next thing to do, the way to run our group, or the right resolution to a shared problem. Conflict resolution is a process for working through these disagreements in a way that strengthens, rather than divides, our communities.

When is it an appropriate approach?

Conflict resolution makes sense when people in a group agree to the same overall purposes, but disagree on how to do it. This practice isn’t useful in situations where people disagree over the basic rights or autonomy of each other, or about the right for your community to exist. For example, conflict resolution can help us when we disagree strongly about how to run a meeting or who to have speak, but it won’t fix a situation where someone is causing deliberate harm to community members.

It may be useful to have an experienced mediator work with your group on this.